LGBTQ+ Divorce

Providing Our LGBTQ+ Community with Divorce Legal Services

In California, divorce is a complicated matter and almost always requires the assistance of a competent divorce lawyer. The decision to divorce (also called dissolution of marriage) or to legally separate is a difficult one to make, particularly if children are involved. Divorce or legal separation creates profound stress and often precedes many other of life’s events such as financial adjustments, job changes, and relocation. Your divorce attorney is the key to an effective divorce process and optimum circumstances after divorce.

Our Gay Ally Divorce Attorneys understand the continuously evolving California case law and legislation that impacts the California divorce and legal separation process. Further, we understand the pressure felt by those going through divorce or separation. We work diligently to resolve the legal and personal problems, concerns, and questions that prohibit our clients from living happy and healthy lives.

All California divorce attorneys are not created equally. In your time of need, you want a divorce attorney who works diligently for you to solve your financial and legal problems in an effective and cost-efficient manner. We have assembled a team of family lawyers and divorce attorneys who will provide you with a sound analysis of your personal situation and begin to work immediately to tailor a solution under the California divorce and family laws that allows you to resolve problems and move on with your life as quickly as possible.

Our team includes a Certified Family Law Specialist, who has taken a rigorous exam and has been recognized by the California State Board of Specialization as an expert in the family law field. We have the knowledge and skill to bring your matter to Trial on all issues, and the wisdom to negotiate a fair resolution of tough issues when doing so is in your best interests.

When representing clients in divorce or legal separation proceedings, the attorneys at Sperling Diarian and McAllister vigorously pursues all of their clients’ interests to achieve optimum results and to ensure a smooth conclusion of each case.  We understand the pressure felt by those going through divorce or separation. Our divorce lawyers are committed to helping you achieve the best results in your case, whether through litigation or negotiation. Contact our office to set up your free consultation today. We are located in Los Angeles, California.

California Board Certified Family Law Specialist Attorney

California Board of Legal Specialization

Not all Family Law Firms are the same. Unlike most firms, Gay-Legal does have a Certified Family Law Specialist and competent Gay-Friendly Divorce Attorneys in Los Angeles. A California Family Law Specialist must take and pass a rigorous written examination in family law and must also demonstrate a high level of experience and integrity in their field. This highly competent expertise is provided to the residents of Los Angeles County at a reasonable and low hourly rate.

LGBTQ Ally Family Law and Divorce Attorney Legal Services

Los Angeles, CA Family Court Attorneys Los Angeles residents may follow this link to learn more about the California Family Law Code.

The Gay-Legal Attorneys will lay out a plan that will include action steps, a timetable, and cost. This will incorporate your unique goals for a reasonable and affordable fee.