LGBTQ+ Fathers' Rights

Providing Our LGBTQ+ Community with Fathers’ Rights Attorney Services

Are you a father or husband faced with a pending divorce or parentage action? Are you dealing with property division or child custody and support issues? You may be facing a situation where you are being alienated as a parent or the mother of your children has given you notice of intent to relocate with the children. These are serious issues that can have a negative effect on every area of your life and create extreme emotional and financial distress. Without a careful strategic approach to your case, you could be at a disadvantage right from the start.

Our LGBTQ+ Ally Attorneys will work tirelessly to ensure that your rights as a husband and father are represented and protected throughout the marriage dissolution process or parentage action process. We know the tricks used to alienate fathers, and we can guide in you in avoiding those pitfalls.  Contact our office to set up your free consultation today. We are located in Los Angeles, California.

California Board Certified Family Law Specialist Attorney

California Board of Legal Specialization

Not all Family Law Firms are the same. Unlike most firms, Gay-Legal does have a Certified Family Law Specialist and competent Gay-Friendly Fathers’ Rights Attorneys in Los Angeles. A California Family Law Specialist must take and pass a rigorous written examination in family law and must also demonstrate a high level of experience and integrity in their field. This highly competent expertise is provided to the residents of Los Angeles County at a reasonable and low hourly rate.

LGBTQ Ally Family Law and Fathers’ Rights Attorney Legal Services

Los Angeles, CA Family Court Attorneys Los Angeles residents may follow this link to learn more about the California Family Law Code.

The Gay-Legal Attorneys will lay out a plan that will include action steps, a timetable, and cost. This will incorporate your unique goals for a reasonable and affordable fee.