LGBTQ+ Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Providing Our LGBTQ+ Community with Domestic Violence Restraining Order Legal Services

Whether the domestic abuse was subtle or explosive, you deserve the safety and security that a restraining order can provide. A Domestic Violence Restraining Order (“DVRO”) is a civil court order, signed by a judge and compelling the alleged abuser to stay away from you, your home and work, and your children. Domestic Violence Restraining Orders can protect you from abuse by forcing the other party to stop the verbal, physical or financial abuse, or face consequences that could include a jail term. If you have been a victim in abusive relationship, we can help.

If you are defending yourself from a wrongfully filed Request for Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, do not take these claims lightly. Losing in Court could have devastating consequences on your child custody and visitation rights, and your ability to work, possess a firearm, and even rent an apartment or home. Having a skilled LGBTQ+ Ally Attorney by your side could protect you from facing a restraining order lasting up to five years.

You can count on Sperling Diarian and McAllister to be your calm, comforting guide through the legal process when domestic violence interrupts your life.

In California, domestic violence has been committed when a current or former spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, co-parent or cohabitant, or someone related to you through blood or marriage causes physical injury, initiates a sexual assault, instills fear of immediate danger, intimidates, stalks, threatens or harasses you in-person or by phone or email, and destroys personal property.

If one or more of these situations sound familiar, you and your child or children deserve the peace and safety that only a protective order can provide. Our Gay-Friendly Legal Group will carefully listen to your side of the story and act swiftly and decisively on your behalf with a restraining order that ensures the safety of you and your other family members.

In addition to domestic violence, the California family courts offer restraining orders to those are victims of elder abuse (Elder Abuse Restraining Orders), harassment from a non-family member (Civil Harassment Restraining Orders), abuse or mistreatment from a coworker (Workplace Violence Restraining Orders), or misuse of firearms (Gun Violence Restraining Orders). Although each type of restraining order is unique, our firm has the skills to navigate this complex area of the law and prosecute or defend these types of restraining orders as well. Call today to set up your free consultation. We are located in Los Angeles, California.

California Board Certified Family Law Specialist Attorney

California Board of Legal Specialization

Not all Family Law Firms are the same. Unlike most firms, Gay-Legal does have a Certified Family Law Specialist and competent Gay-Friendly Domestic Violence Restraining Order Attorneys in Los Angeles. A California Family Law Specialist must take and pass a rigorous written examination in family law and must also demonstrate a high level of experience and integrity in their field. This highly competent expertise is provided to the residents of Los Angeles County at a reasonable and low hourly rate.

LGBTQ Ally Family Law and Domestic Violence Restraining Order Attorney Legal Services

Los Angeles, CA Family Court Attorneys Los Angeles residents may follow this link to learn more about the California Family Law Code.

The Gay-Legal Attorneys will lay out a plan that will include action steps, a timetable, and cost. This will incorporate your unique goals for a reasonable and affordable fee.